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Dropped Kerbs

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If you intend to drive across a footpath into your driveway you will need a dropped kerb. If you do not have a dropped kerb you must not drive over the footpath, by doing so you will be breaking the law.

This is to prevent damage to a footpath that may not have been constructed to cope with vehicles or could cause damage to utilities and services below.

Applying for permission to add a dropped kerb is a relatively straightforward process, but you must check with your local and county councils to determine what permissions are required.

You will need to apply for the relevant permissions and receive the written confirmation before we can start work, your local council will be able to advise you how to apply what information they require and the fees they charge.

We have listed a few links below that may help, please contact your local council at the earliest opportunity.

Suffolk County Council

Waveney & Suffolk Coastal District Councils

Norwich City Council

Norfolk County Council

Great Yarmouth